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Home Petting Farm Program

Our farm had been closed for inside repair. No new Reservations now. sorry.
First Dairy Farm in Evergreen Village - Last Farm in the City?       Article of History
      Activities Available : Click here to see pictures                      Click here ask Petting Zoo Rental
chickens: Petting, holding a chicken, feeding the chickens, hatching chicks, how to tell a cock from a hen.
peacocks: Observe our beautiful adult peacocks and their chicks, listen to their calls, study peacock chicks feeding, learn how to tell a cock from a hen.
Rabbits: Check out our cute and friendly bunnies, some are ready for adoption. Learn how to make a safe rabbit enclosure, pet our baby rabbits, learn about feeding, brushing and cleaning...
Goats: Petting goats, feeding goats by hand, learn what they eat, bottle feeding baby goats, Observe our goat milking process and learn how to milk from our demonstration.
 Dog play: Learn how to handle a dog, what to feed a dog, learn play and training behaviours, play ball with our dog, Observe our dog swimming and playing fetch in the pool...(separate pool area, children must be accompanied by an adult)
Making raw dog food: Free workshop to show you how to make your own healthy dog food.
 Garden: ( Growing, picking fruits, vegetables) ....this depends on the season and whether available ..( peaches, plums, apples, tomato's, beans, corn)

      Where is the farm?
4140 Cadwallader Ave, San Jose, CA95121 , 408-677-9557

      Why we do this?
Goat Farm in San Jose"Evergreen Acres Petting Farm" is a home and refuge for animals and a place where we teach people about animals and how we should live together.
We are increasingly in a world where people do not understand or experience life in its simplest form. If we lose touch with the fact that we come into this world and leave it in the same way every other animal does then we are losing touch with reality.
We can all benefit from the simple and productive symbiotic relationships we can have with other animals.
We hope you visit us and see and feel the enjoyment, calm and serenity we have in the small world of our farm and learn something new. We hope it helps to balance the rampant technology and isolation our industrial and urban progress creates.
We love kids and animals..

      Pricing: ($50 minimum per tour / 30 people Maximum per tour )
Childrens Educational Tour --- $5.00 /kid, $10/ adult . Welcome family groups.
Family Tour Coupons " The Green Zipper " accepted 1 per family . ( $5 discount ) .
Adult tours: See animals, milking goat, learn how to make goat cheese.---$10/each visitor
Dog play tour: Dog free run play, dog swimming in pool, teach you how to make your healthy dog food.--- $10/each dog

All tour fees are donated to our animal rescue fund. We accept donations for feed and for rescue animals ( rabbit hay, fresh bread, any kind grain feed, rice, apple tree stock, vegetable, cage, pet toy...)

      What do you need to do before you sign up this program?
For safety reason: No high heeled or open toed shoes, Do NOT run after our animals, they will think your hungry. Children under 13 should have an adult escort during the visit.
Download, read and sign a release form before starting our educational activities.
Make a reservation and check for available date and time online .
We give One tour at time (1 hour), so please come on time or call to change your time.
" Steps " to make petting tour?
Print a "Release form" online. Click here
Make a reservation online. Click here
Cash or Make payment online. Click here.
We will confirm your reservation within 24 hours , please check your email ( for the DIRECTIONS) or check online.
Bring your signed "Release form" with you when you visit our farm.

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