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Help this database :
Post flyers in local pet stores, send to your co-worker, friends... the more people who know, the more useful the database becomes.
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Find services in your Area
This Section allows Pet Owners to Search Local Professional Pet Sitting Services and to Advertize what services they need. Some Pet Owners may prefer Professional services and can use this database to advertize their needs. There will always be times when a Pet Sitting Exchange owner cannot find other Pet Owners in a hurry. to post a Job request...
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Message from San Jose, CA
New activity: Free workshop on May -----"How to make real raw healthy dog food " .
sign up here. ( Mike H.)
Message from
Raticals - Where small dogs RULE! A community where you can meet other small dog lovers, share health and behavior tips, or meet up with other members.
Message from San Francisco, CA
A large group of small dog owners that meets regularly for our small dogs to frolic together....
Message from "San Jose Area":
We are willing to organize monthly activities:
Activity 1: "One Hour Dog Run and Swap-meet" [ Monthly - Every second Saturday]
Activity 2: "Hiking activity": [ Every Saturday morning]
Activity 3: For "Pet Sitting Exchange Owners": [Every Saturday 4pm - 5pm]
Activity 4: " Free training and walking Activity" : [Every Sunday 9:30am-10:30am]
Message From Manhattan, NY.
Manhattan Weekday Dog-Walking Exchange:---- Great Idea!
Our Activities
Pet sitting Exchange
Free Finder Service!!!
Why worry about your pets during business or vacation trips?
You can build your network to find good friends like you who love their pets and can sit your pets in your area when you are away. In exchange when you are in town you can do the same for them.
Join our Group to find walking groups and have fun trips together with your dog.

Simply join our Pet Sitting Exchange Membership.
You do not need to leave personal contact information here. Just leave enough information for people to know what you want and where you are located in the database. Do include your name, city, state , zip code and area code.

ANONYMOUS ID is created to protect your private email address. Only the ANONYMOUS ID is used to contact other members.

We provide private message forwarding back to your private email which we only use for registration and to forward messages to you from other memebrs.

We do NOT share your private email address with other members. Only the Member ID is used to contact other members.

To maintain our mail service for private non-commercial use we monitor emails from time to time. We remove members from our club found sending commercial advertising to other members.
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